Ready for the football biggest event?

All the fans in all over the world waiting for Saturday night to see the most important and the most spectacular football event. Be with us to analysis two team to see who will be the best…….First go to last year champions league : REAL MADRID

1956, when the first league stated ,real madrid show to world they are best and in four league after that they stabilize their imperial in football. although they had very ups and downs during the years, last year zinedine zidane come for real madrid like an guardian angle and win last year champions league with some of the best football players, like Ronaldo, Bensema, Modric, Marcelo, Ramos,….. .

this year, at the first no one think that real can come to this place but when they could defeat carlo ancelotti and his team bayern munich with all its stars, zidane shows one more time this is the team we remember from last year.maybe he want to repeat the real imperial, who know?!?!?


In the other side we have striped shirt:  JUVENTUS

Maybe it can be say the biggest shortage for juventus honors is champions league. real madride with 11 winning is leader in league however juventus with 2 winning has a long way to brea real rocard.

last year juventus lost the championship in final mach and barcelona win the cup, but this year Massimiliano Allegri want to break juvenntus fetish in winning champions league.

at the first of tournament when this team loose some stars like Pogba and bring some risky players like Dany Alves or Higuaín no one even think juventus come and play in way that even some of the reals fans say: we afraid to loose a championship!

now there is my question: who is going to win 2016-17 champions league?

this page will update during the mach with photos and clips of the mach

so do not ever leave us!

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